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Our Services
Our personal service begins with the way we pick up, inspect, process and deliver your laundry. The right combination of equipment and washing formulas will ensure you an excellent finished product. For “Dhobighat” it comes down to an ability to service each customer, with exactly what they need. We believe that each and every customer deserves the same commitment, no matter how large or small.

Industrial Laundry (Wet Cleaning)

Pick up and deliveries 7 days a week

Laundry is a wet cleaning process. At “Dhobighat” we use 100% R.O water, special high quality detergents and additives to give your clothes the fresh look.

Starching and Ironing
Very often there is a requirement of careful ironing for garments which may not be soiled but have been crushed due to packing or storage.

At “Dhobighat”, we iron such garments on the most modern finishing equipments.

We understand some fabrics like cotton etc requires stiffness. To fulfill this need we offer the starching service which would give that CRISP look and feel to your garment.

Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning garments using organic solvents. It provides shape permanence and high finish to the garment. In Dry cleaning process the risk of discoloration is negligible.

At “Dhobighat” we take care of all kinds of Fabrics including woolen, silk and delicate materials. Sensitive garments are cleaned exclusively depending on the sensitivity of the fabric. Our complete Dry cleaning process leads to an odorless garment, making it look as good as new.

A caution is taken before proceeding with the cleaning process, the customer is reported of observations such as dyes bleeding, minor tear, stains etc. If any such problem is detected, we seek a prior approval from the customer to further carry on.

Cleaning time depends upon the type of cloth and the degree of soiling. Any services beyond our reach are communicated during an appointed time


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